CellChek® D | D+

Designed to improve patient outcomes, CellChek D+ redefined specular microscopy in Eyebanking.

It was quickly and widely adopted by many of the world’s finest Eye Banks.

Simply Spectacular New Imaging

CellChek D+ tandem imaging provides enhanced donor tissue assessment for eye banking and intra-operative use by corneal surgeons for material verification

Important New Endothelial Detail Discovered with CellChek D+

remarkable imaging of non-reflective “grey areas” for more definitive assessment

CellChek D+ Provides Visualization of Non-Endothelial Features of the Posterior Cornea

view many features simply invisible to specular only donor imaging

  • blood cells
  • scar tissue
  • debris
  • fungus

Image Intra-stomal Keratome and Femtosecond Laser Interface Quality with CellChek D+

interface features are invisible to specular-only donor systems

The Epithelium Now Revealed with CellChek D+

Effect of Media Temperature on Apparent Tissue Condition

  • donor tissue can be too often ruled out as not suitable when there has been inadequate allowance for time and temperature, to bring cold tissue to physiologic temperature restoring endothelial pump function
  • CellChek D and D+ provide real-time media temperature measures
  • the dramatic change in cellular metabolic reserves is depicted here

Full graft surface measurement tools

  • area and linear measures
  • document graft and defect dimensions

CellChekD measure tools

CellChek D+ Enhanced Optical Pachymetry

  • New higher precision visualization of both epithelial and endothelial cell layers allows improved precision of optical pachymetry
  • Enhanced imaging adds visualization of intra-stromal structures to add assessment of EK graft pachymetry
CellChek D+ wide field view of corneal endothelium at 1,000 X 750 microns

The industry’s widest field specular image:

1,000 X 750 μm