Visual electrophysiology is an objective, non-invasive method of assessing function in various mechanisms of the entire visual pathway.

Designed for a broad range of applications ranging from glaucoma to mild traumatic brain injury, EvokeDx uses conventional as well as novel, proprietary stimuli to illicit responses from discrete sub-divisions of neural visual pathways.[1]

[1] EvokeDx is not cleared for specific diagnosis of these conditions.

EvokeDx NextGen icVEP | VEP | ERG

EvokeDx® is the next generation icVEP + VEP + ERG device developed by Konan Medical and leading scientists in visual electrophysiology.  It’s compact, all-in-one form factor features numerous market-leading technologies including:  intuitive touch-screen user interface, Organic LED stimulus display, infrared gaze and attention monitoring, dual-channel amplifier, and powerful Fourier (Frequency domain) analytics with intuitive reporting. EvokeDx is a fresh approach to visual electrophysiology.

EvokeDx Clinical Benefits

Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) provide objective, quantitative information about the functional integrity of discrete visual pathways in a non-invasive manner. This is new information that is complementary to the structural analysis obtained from technologies such as OCT and Fundus photography, and augments subjective information from standard visual acuity and perimetry. Electroretinograms (ERG) reflect the integrity of the optics, photoreceptors, bipolar cells and retinal ganglion cells. Clinically, ERGs may be useful when patients have abnormal VEPs to differentiate between retinal dysfunction occurring in the optic nerve, optic radiations and occipital cortex.

Operator Aspect

The Operator side of EvokeDx features an intuitive, touch-screen enabled user experience graphically guiding the operator easily through the test sequence:

  • patient add | select
  • test select
  • patient alignment
  • testing
  • results / analytics
  • preferences / settings

Analytics instantly displays test results and Fourier analytics. One-touch help screens provide context-sensitive explanations of all analytic components for all tests. A robust comparison feature allows instant comparisons. For example:

  • compare right and left eyes on same day
  • compare same eye from a prior exam to assess progression
  • compare how a bright response compares to dark response, same pattern
  • compare how a small check response compares to large check response
  • compare how one patient compares to another patient of known characteristics
Konan Medical's EvokeDx features a touch screen controlled, intuitive user interface
Konan Medical's EvokeDx patient aspect includes a high-specification OLED stimulus display and patient gaze / fixation monitoring

Patient Aspect

The patient side of EvokeDx features a high specification OLED stimulus display, patient gaze / attention tracking, and easy plug-in for electrodes to internal dual-channel amplifier. Say goodbye to asking the patient to hold a single-channel amplifier!

EvokeDx Viewer

The optional Viewer application allows physicians to (via 256 bit encryption) securely access the EvokeDx database across the network to review and manipulate the Fourier analytics.  Dig deep into the patient results, which can also be printed or saved as PDF documents.

Konan Medical's EvokeDx provide intuitive, graphic-rich reports
Konan Medical's Viewer application for EvokeDx allows physician to remotely and securely access patient data.

Key Features - the Top 12

EvokeDx is feature rich … see Specs | FAQ section for further in-depth product features
Konan Medical's EvokeDx uses discrete Fourier analysis to decompose the complex and repetitive time-based waveform

Fourier Analytics

Discrete Fourier analysis is used to decompose the complex and repetitive time-based waveform into a spectrum of sinusoidal functions, “frequency components”, each quantified by an amplitude and phase value to be used with a series of Fourier statistical tools.
Konan Medical's EvokeDx icVEP test stategies

Patented icVEP Tests

Konan’s patented Isolated Check VEP (icVEP™) is a low-contrast, high temporal frequency, sinusoidally modulated stimulus thought to  target the magnocellular pathway.

Konan Medical's EvokeDx features a novel test administration method, "Very Short Runs"

Very Short Run Testing

EvokeDx features a novel test administration method, “Very Short Runs”, typically 2 to 6 seconds each, enabling easier patient compliance, better staff satisfaction, and ultimately mathematically advantaged in the signal averaging process.
Konan Medical's EvokeDx test library includes both novel and ISCEV standard visual electrophysiology systems

Test Library - 16 strategies

The EvokeDx test library includes both novel and ISCEV standard visual electrophysiology systems.  Grouped by icVEP, VEP, and ERG strategies, simply select the test, the eye(s) being tested, and whether recorded with one or two channels.
Konan Medical's EvokeDx uses industry standard snap style EEG electrodes.

Low-cost, Non-Proprietary Electrodes

EvokeDx electrode leads feature standard snap connectors to allow the utilization of high quality, non-proprietary EEG electrodes that cost significantly less than the proprietary electrodes offered by other vendors.

Contact Konan Medical for a review of how substantial this cost savings really is in your practice.

NIH funded multi-center clinical trial on EvokeDx proprietary icVEP test strategy

Clinical Evidence

SBIR Glaucoma investigation, reported 94% and 92% accuracy respectively in separating glaucomatous from non-glaucoma patients using the patented icVEP protocol. Independent assessments in June 2013 at two sites in Beijing (TongRen and YouYi) report equivalent findings using icVEP.

Konan Medical's EvokeDx includes a high specification OLED display

Linearized OLED Monitor

Off-the-shelf LCD monitors used by some other companies introduce an undesirable luminance artifact that may contaminate a transient response. Our linearized Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) monitor eliminates luminance artifact while adding microsecond timing.
Konan's EvokeDx includes an integrated gaze monitoring system

Integrated Gaze Monitor

EvokeDx utilizes an IR gaze-monitor to assist in patient positioning, and attention / fixation during the test. A graphical heat map provides the operator with real-time feedback on the monitor while the test is being conducted.
Konan's EvokeDx system uses kid-friendly animations to capture a child's attention

Pediatric Tests

Kid-friendly, video animations are one-touch available to capture the child’s attention and test immediately with our novel “Very Short Run” strategy. This simplifies lack of attention problems encountered with extended test sequences and re-tests from attention lapses.
KonanCare is Konan Medical's professional customer care organization

Remote Training and Support

Konan products feature “KonanCare”, an integrated remote support tool, to enable secure, permission-based, real-time, onboard training and technical support. Yet another cutting-edge feature designed to enhance support and training while reducing costs and downtime.
Konan Medical's EvokeDx features luminance calibration and linearization

Luminance Calibration

A fast and simple luminance calibration feature is included to periodically verify monitor luminance output critical for precision testing. Systems are individually calibrated at manufacture, but all monitors change luminance characteristics over time. We make it easy to maintain optimum performance.
Konan Medical's EvokeDx incorporates a low-latency synchronization technique to synchronize data collection

No "IRQ" Synchronization

Our scientists have incorporated a low-latency technique to synchronize data collection as opposed to video-card based “IRQ” methods. Synchronous data is designed to avoid errors from side-lobe leakage. Automated artifact rejection also simplifies high-quality data collection.



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