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Konan Ophthalmic Professional apps

New flexibility for patient testing from the convenience of Apple’s iPAD.

FLEX visual acuity app on the iPAD

FLEX Visual Acuity

Full-featured visual acuity app … take the test to the patient rather than the patient to the test.

  • Seriously easy to use, powerful features
  • Use in broad range of setting (pre-testing rooms, hallways, school nurses, general medicine, ER)
  • Dynamically adjustable from 33 cm to 6 m
FLEX visual acuity app on the iPAD

Blind Spot Amsler

Elegantly simple to use Amsler grid with uniquely flexible test types featured on Macular Degeneration Foundation’s website (http://www.eyesight.org/Macular_Degeneration/eye_test.html). Select contrasting colors of grid and background with or without additional elements:  fixation diagonals, high definition central grid, and Dr. Terrace Waggoner’s blind spot distance control feature for consistency in test distances administered over time.  Images can be saved for review.  Also great for patients to self-monitor at home.

Ophthalmic Media app on the iPAD

Ophthalmic Media

Konan’s Ophthalmic Media Library provides a toolbox of patient-friendly illustrations of common eye diseases, conditions, and surgical procedures for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and other physicians / healthcare providers. Images are easily annotated to for patient-specific illustrations on the eye, eye surgery, and refractive / vision topics.