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Konan Ophthalmic Media

professional ophthalmic images, media and annotation tools

Professional Ophthalmic Media patient education tools

Konan’s Ophthalmic Media Library provides a toolbox of patient-friendly illustrations of common eye diseases, conditions, and surgical procedures for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and other physicians / healthcare providers. Images are easily annotated to for patient-specific illustrations on the eye, eye surgery, and refractive / vision topics.

Illustration categorized by anterior segment/ cornea, general / cataract, posterior segment / retina, and refractive. Videos illustrating cataract surgery, glaucoma, refractive surgery, retinal detachment, visual evoked potentials, and child attention video.

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Mark-up tools to easily illustrate enhancing patient understanding:

  • Pencil on / off
  • line thickness
  • line color
  • line transparency
  • eraser

Illustrations for you to mark up

Patient-friendly illustrations on anterior segment, conjunctivitis, sub-conj hemorrhage, Herpes, cornea, endothelium, corneal ulcer, tear film, eye cross-section, extra-ocular muscles, IOL, strabismus, glaucoma, visual path, floaters, GPC, typical fundus, macular degeneration, macular hole, diabetes, retinal detachment, and refractive illustrations.

Patient-friendly video animations

Select from cataract, glaucoma, LASIK, PRK, retinal detachment, VEP (visual evoked potentials), and child-attention video.

High quality illustrations

Beautiful, detailed illustrations to allow you to add your own mark-ups and detail to personalize a case presentation to the patient on their unique condition.

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