Making fundus photography more accessible.

A robotic retinal imaging system with high-fidelity images, a built-in telemedicine portal and unparalleled ease of use.

Nexy features a novel, patented optical system

... designed for high-fidelity imaging that can be transmitted for telemedicine

A common example of the effectiveness of polarization to reduce the affects of scattered light is with sunglasses.

Nexy (polarized) Competitor
Nexy’s patented optical system uses a novel application of polarization in tandem with tuned image sensors to obtain remarkable fidelity in retinal detail maintaining manageable file size needed for telemedicine applications.
Nexy Competitor
Nexy Competitor
Nexy Competitor
Nexy Competitor

Nexy simplicity in acquiring and managing single or a full mosaic of retinal images.

Graphical selection simplifies initiation of desired images. Drag and drop images for mosaic creation.