Making fundus photography more accessible.

A robotic retinal imaging system with high-fidelity images, a built-in telemedicine portal and unparalleled ease of use.

Nexy® Specifications

robotic retinal imaging
Field of view 45 degrees (up to 90 degrees with lateral fixation)
Retinal resolution 14 microns
Minimum pupil size 2.5mm (3.8 mm or larger is optimal)
LED illumination sources White, IR
Fixation locations 7
Working distance ~45 mm
Dimensions 340 mm (13.4″) x 460 (18.1″) x 430 (16.9″) WxHxD
Accessories Android® tablet
Options telemedicine service

Nexy robotic retinal imaging FAQ

What is "robotic"?
Nexy is powered by Google Android TabletLook closely at Nexy. Nexy has no joy-stick, focusing knob, image capture button, height adjustment or even chin rest. From the convenience of a wireless Android® tablet, Nexy is started with a green “start” button. Selected eye(s) and areas of interest are robotically self-located, precision-aligned, fine-focused and captured, image by image.

A minimally trained assistant can easily capture beautifully sharp images automatically singly or up to 7 locations, seamlessly merged into a mosaic.

Android® and the Android Pictogram are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

What imaging locations are available?
Nexy images seem significantly clearer with various media opacities including cataracts, why?
Nexy uses a patented*, advanced optical system including polarizing elements to reduce the effect of light scatter from media opacities, including cataracts, that normally obscure critical detail of retinal features.  Carefully matched, high-sensitivity imaging sensors paired with the innovative optical design combine to produce new levels of fidelity for captured images.




Nexy vs competitor cataract comparison

US patent US9636013, international patents, and US and international patents applied for.

Does Nexy communicate with DICOM servers?
DICOM YesIn a word yes!  Retrieve worklist, select patient, capture image and results are seamlessly returned to the DICOM server.
Is Nexy imaging reimbursable in the US?
Nexy 92250 fundus photographyRetinal imaging “fundus photography” is listed as CPT 92250 and is described as a bilateral service. The 2017 national Medicare Physician Fee Schedule allowable for this service is $67 and is adjusted locally. From this service, $45 is the technical component and $22 is the professional component for interpretation.
What are "telemedicine" features"?
Nexy configurations can include telemedicine features to allow secure, encrypted remote viewing and assessment of retinal imaging. A web-based interface allows an “expert” reviewer to assess the images and return a detailed summary of findings to the original examiner, conveniently accessed either on the examining Nexy or by a secure web interface.
AI "artificial intelligence" in retinal imaging?
image courtesy of the Future of Life InstituteArtificial Intelligence using “deep learning” algorithms, is garnering significant interest in the potential for enhanced assessment of detail that may escape typical human visual assessment. Multiple projects leveraging this technique are in progress globally with the promise of potentially providing much broader identification of sight-threatening conditions such as diabetic retinopathy. Nexy is uniquely designed to be able to incorporate telemedicine and A.I. features when available and appropriate regulatory requirements are met.
Italian Design?
Nexy from NextSightNexy is a product of Next Sight s.r.l. located in Northern Italy and is exclusively sold and supported by Konan Medical in the USA.



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