Many diseases and disorders affect various cell populations in the retina, and ERGs provide an objective, non-invasive method of evaluating retinal function.

RETeval is the only FDA 510(k) cleared, non-mydriatic, full-field mobile ERG device, and is easier to use than you might think.

Test almost anyone, almost anywhere, quickly and easily, with interpretation aided by a 500+ subject, age-matched normative database.

RETeval Specifications

Light source (LED):Dynamic flash luminance energies (cd⋅s/m²)Background luminance (cd/m²)
- Red (621 nm)0.0001-15
- Green (530 nm)0.001-170.2-3500
- Blue (470 nm)0.0001-5
- White (RGB)0.002-300.4-6000
Input Type:< 0.1 µV at the flicker frequency for flicker protocols
CMRR:> 100 dB at 50-60 Hz
Frequency Range:DC-coupled
Flicker Frequency:Approximately 28.3 Hz
Data Resolution:Approximately 71 nV / bit
Input Range:±0.6 V
Sampling rate:< ±0.1 ms
Timing accuracy†:
(electronic eye)

< ±0.1 ms
Timing precision†:
(human eye, 1σ)

Typically < ±1 ms
Pupil measurements:1.3 mm – 9.0 mm, < 0.1 mm resolution, 28.3 Hz
Complies with optical, electrical, and
biocompatibility safety standards
RegulatoryFDA 510(k) cleared
CE Marked
Distributed in the USA by
Konan Medical USA, Inc.
Manufactured by
LKC Technologies, Inc.