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ColorDx color vision diagnostics

military grade color vision testing apps and books

Clinical Benefits of Diagnostic Color Vision Testing

Tritan deficiencies are rarely genetic, yet as high as 15% of the general population may have an acquired deficiency. This is an important but often overlooked sign that may be caused by retinal, optic nerve, or neurological disorders, in addition to trauma, cataracts, and hundreds of common drugs and substances.

Testing for acquired color vision deficiencies is underutilized. Traditional tests like the D15 have low sensitivity, while the more sensitive D100 simply takes too long to be practical. Other computerized color vision tests are expensive, costing thousands more than ColorDx.

ColorDx Applications

Military-grade, professional tests using the Waggoner six-confusion color strategy:  “Extended” for qualitative and quantitative assessment of both genetic (ususally Protan – Deutan) and acquired (often Tritan) color vision deficiencies.  “Pediatric” for genetic deficiencies featuring the world’s most popular Color Vision Testing Made Easy strategy tailored to young children.

ColorDx – professional color vision diagnostic applications

Pediatric Color Vision Testing

Pediatric Color Vision Testing

Approximately 8% of males and 0.5% of females are born with color vision deficiencies, therefore children, especially males, should have their color vision tested before they start school, ideally in pre-school. Awareness of color vision deficiencies in children is critical for learning and socializing.

The Pediatric test (Dr. Waggoner’s “CVTME” Color Vision Testing Made Easy) is the gold standard for child / illiterate friendly color vision tests and is now available electronically on all ColorDx platforms.

  • Quick to administer
  • Takes only about 1 minute
  • Easy to understand, easy to take
  • Clinically relevant

beachball normal deutan protan

Vocational Color Vision Testing

Vocational and Acquired Color Vision Deficiency Testing

Many occupations and professions require normal color vision to either perform the job or to maintain public safety. Examples include military and civilian pilots (and navigators), air traffic controllers, nurses, lab technicians, school bus drivers, some law enforcement personnel, electricians, electronic technicians, and railroad conductors.

ColorDx is a comprehensive test validated by the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute for the assessment of color vision deficiencies by type (Protan, Deutan, Tritan) and severity (mild, moderate, severe), and generates a self-scored report.

A focused test specific to Tritan deficiencies is included.

beachball normal deutan protan tritan


ColorDx App Quick Facts

  • Validated for use by the US Navy for Naval Aviators and other military personnel
  • Self-administering
  • Self-scoring
  • Adaptive
  • Multiple test strategies included

ColorDx Print

Military-grade, professional tests using the Waggoner 6-confusion color strategy:  ColorDx Standard (Pip-24) and Pediatric (CVTME) tests provide easy to administer tests in a familiar printed format.

ColorDx Pediatric

Considered the gold standard for pediatric assessment of colorblindness, Dr. Terrace Waggoner’s ColorDx Pediatric test (CVTME or Color Vision Testing Made Easy) is used in over 40 countries and has also been validated for illiterates at the US Special Olympics.  It is also used for pediatrics, by eye physicians, & school nurses, and in many other disciplines of health care, in any language, world-wide. This easy to administer test features both hidden and non-hidden shapes that allow for successful answers while also discovering un-visualized targets.

Packaged in a light-protective, magnetic closure storage box with test scoring sheets.

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ColorDx Standard 24 (PIP-24) + Blind Spot Amsler

This Standard Level Test is one of only two tests validated and required for Naval Aviators for color vision deficiency screening and is used globally in medicine. The FAA has accepted this test to be used by aviation medical examiners for pilots’ annual physicals, which require color vision testing. Utilizing the Waggoner six-confusion color strategy, the Standard Level has been independently validated by academic institutions and military services for their demanding needs.

Packaged in a light-protective, magnetic closure storage box with test scoring sheets.

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ColorDx Combo - Standard 24 and Pediatric

Get the best of both printed products with the Combo which includes both the Standard 24 and Pediatric 15 (CVTME) books in a single magnetic enclosure storage box.

Packaged in a light-protective, magnetic closure storage box with test scoring sheets.

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