Objective perimetry has long been desired. Now, with more than 12 years research and over 17,000 exams performed, Konan introduces the objectiveFIELD analyzer (OFA®).  Estimated availability mid-2020.

The objectiveFIELD™ analyzer, the OFA®, features a novel, multi-focal stimulus for objective visual field testing in which both eyes are tested simultaneously, without requiring the patient to press a response button.

The most disliked ophthalmic diagnostic test has evolved.

Konan’s OFA is FDA 510(k) Cleared and CE MARK activities have been initiated. More information is coming soon. Please click here to register your interest and join the OFA mailing list.

Each eye’s field of vision is optically separated to present stimuli individually to each eye interleaved, while viewing with both eyes … no eye is occluded. The scene magically appears to be binocular.

The OFA’s novel “dichoptic” patient view is comfortable and engaging with the test effortlessly completed in only minutes having discretely tested each eye’s visual field at the same time.