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Specular Microscopy

Color Vision | Contrast Sensitivity

Visual Electrophysiology | Pupillography

Konan’s innovative diagnostic technologies help ophthalmic professionals discover important signs that are routinely missed with conventional methods.

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Specular Microscopy

gold standard clinical | new donor cornea system | eye banking

CellChek SL | XL

gold standard clinical specular microscopes

CellChek D | D+

donor cornea tissue analytics for eye banks and cornea surgeons

Visual Pathway Diagnostics

new insights from retina to visual cortex

EvokeDx is Konan Medical's next generation visual pathway diagnostic technology. Using advanced, highly sensitive, proprietary icVEP and standard VEP and ERG techniques, EvokeDx adds powerful frequency domain analytics to objectively assess visual pathway function.




hand-held, mobile, full-field ERG

ColorDx CCT-HD

cone-isolation contrast sensitivity
color vision diagnostics

Konan Medical's pupil and ocular-motor defects are important signs of functional loss, often caused by visual pathway cell loss and other neuro-affected conditions including glaucoma. A required portion of a comprehensive exam, these are often regarded as clinically difficult to perform well and even harder to quantify.


pupillography + ocular motor function (coming soon!)

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