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Checking pupils for RAPDs is an important part of the comprehensive eye exam and is recommended in the AAO’s Preferred Practice Patterns® for POAG suspects and patients however the swinging flashlight test is difficult for humans to do well, and even more difficult and time consuming to accurately quantify.

Importantly, there is evidence that very small RAPDs may be clinically significant.

RAPDx Specifications

Integrated computer Integrated web communications (ethernet and WiFi)
Patient self-alignment ribbon Touchscreen operator display – rotates 180 degrees
Digital, 60 Hz, infrared, machine-vision system Auditory cues for simplified test process
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Synchronous imaging & stimulus
USB 2.0 (x2) FDA Class I
Konan Medical USA is ISO 13485 certified Web-enabled, secure, KonanCare remote service / training


How long is the standard pupil exam?
34 seconds if no blinks are detected. For each blink detected, the exam must repeat both the left and the right stimulus which adds 4 seconds to the exam. You may pause the exam at any time, e.g. to administer artificial tears to the patient, then re-align the patient and RESUME the current exam. The maximum length of an exam is 120 seconds to capture 8 pairs of stimuli. If the patient needs to blink they should do so one (1) full second after the light stimulus. Patients should not strain their eye to keep them wide open, this will make the exam more difficult.
How long is the expanded pupil exam?
The RAPD Expanded test is about 5 minutes in total.   It is made up of 9 sub-exams with a 10-second break between each sub-exam.   This test is used to measure responses of the macula, macula sparing, inferior and superior nasal quadrants, as well as responses to select colors.
What is "KonanCare" clinical assistance"?
KonanCare includes an on-request assistance feature that enables eye care practitioners to consult, by appointment,  with Konan’s on-staff experts for interpretation of specular microscopic images, and to receive assistance on more advanced topics and methods associated with Konan’s products (CellChek XL, EB-10 eye bank system and RAPDx HD Pupillographer).

With current product models, a permission based login session can be initiated allowing both the physician and the On Request team member to simultaneously view and discuss actual images using secure internet web services.

This KonanCare service is provided without charge for customers during the initial warranty period or during any period of Service Agreement coverage.

A unique service, only from Konan Medical USA.